Transparency and clarity when you shop

Do you prefer to buy vegan or vegetarian products and want to be able to identify them at a glance? The V-Label is a simple and reliable guide that gives you the clarity you need during your daily shop.

Numerous brands already carry the V-Label

  • RUF logo
  • Erasco
  • Kühne
  • Lambertz
  • kaufland
  • referenz_logo7
  • Pfanner

Vegan and vegetarian restaurants

Enjoy vegan and vegetarian food: Discover the best restaurants in your area!

What consumers are saying about the V-Label

Johanna, 33

Johanna, 33Easy Guidance

For me, the V-Label is an easy-to-understand guide that makes everyday life much easier. It saves me time and effort when I’m shopping because I no longer have to scrutinise the list of ingredients and can see at a glance which products I want to buy.

Timo, 29

Timo, 29Consistent Criteria

The V-Label provides clarity on the market for vegan and vegetarian products. I can rely on standardised criteria that apply internationally and I don’t have to worry about companies mislabelling products according to their own criteria.

Renate, 58

Renate, 58Reliable Inspections

Since products carrying the V-Label are regularly checked by independent bodies, I now have reliable assurance that these products really are vegan or vegetarian. This confidence gives me a positive feeling when I’m out shopping.