The seal of quality for vegan and vegetarian products

Het V-Label is een internationaal erkend, geregistreerd symbool voor de labeling van vegan en vegetarische producten en diensten. Voor consumenten is het een eenvoudige en betrouwbare hulp bij het winkelen. Met het V-Label bieden bedrijven transparantie en duidelijkheid. Gestandardiseerde criteria garanderen dat het V-Label in heel Europa een uniek kwaltiteitsmerk is voor vegan en vegetarische producten.

The target group is growing all the time

The target group for vegan and vegetarian products is diverse and growing all the time. Whether for environmental, health, religious or ethical reasons, more and more consumers are choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.


Food Intolerance


Religious Motivation


Environmental Commitment





The market for vegan and vegetarian products is growing fast

The market for vegan and vegetarian products has enjoyed record sales over many years now. More and more companies recognise the benefits of enriching the market with plant-based products. We are seeing a great increase in both the quality and diversity of vegan and vegetarian products and services.

The V-Label promotes transparency and clarity

At an European level no binding, legal definitions of the terms “vegan” and “vegetarian” have been adopted in the food industry yet. As a result, the reliable labelling of vegan and vegetarian products in accordance with standardised criteria is difficult and can lead to incorrect labelling by the producers themselves. This gap in the law causes uncertainty among consumers and producers alike.

Consumers are increasingly calling for transparency so that they can identify vegan and vegetarian products quickly and with confidence. Currently, only the V-Label can offer this clarity thanks to standardised criteria in the labelling of vegan and vegetarian products.

More and more vegan and vegetarian products are being labelled

Consumer calls for more transparency regarding vegan and vegetarian products are having an effect. In 2012, just 1.5% of food and drink products on the global market were declared vegan. By 2015, this figure had risen to 4.3%, which represents an almost three-fold increase in the number of vegan-declared products in just three years.
Products labelled as vegan

The V-Label is the world market leader

Globally, more than 10,000 products and services from more than 1,000 license holders now carry the V-Label, which is registered in 27 countries.

Vegan and vegetarian products

More than 10.000

License holders

More than 1.000
license holders

Registered countries

Registered in 27

The V-Label categories

Through the easily understandable categorisation of products as “vegan” or “vegetarian”, the V-Label is a quick and reliable way of telling consumers exactly what they are buying. The label consists of a “V” sign in a circle with an additional category description.

V-Label vegan

The benefits of the V-Label at a glance



Credibility thanks to reliable inspections



Standardised criteria for vegan and vegetarian products



Easy decisions at a glance

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