Report a misuse

Have you noticed V-Label on a package that’s clearly not plant-based? Have you seen a vegetarian product mistakenly branded as vegan? Have you seen the V-Label being used in a rather unusual way? Let us know immediately. 

We are committed to building a world where vegan and vegetarian products and services are widespread and easily recognizable. Before certifying manufacturers and their products for the V-Label trademark, we submit them to a series of thorough verifications with standardized criteria, building trust and transparency between them and their consumers. Only those passing our standardized criteria can proudly use V-Label on their packaging or in their marketing. Fair is fair! For those reasons, we are always on the lookout for possible imposters. 

A misuse can happen for various reasons, from not understanding that V-Label is a registered trademark and therefore cannot be used freely, to outsourcing packaging, to third parties that add V-Label without proper research, to passing vegetarian products off as vegan, etc. 

We urge you to call them out immediately by submitting a form!