Vegan Cosmetics Market: Key Numbers and Most Important Trends in 2022

The vegan cosmetics market is huge right now. And it’s only getting bigger. So if you want to: Learn the key numbers of the market Get to know the trendiest categories See how brands are doing …then you’ll love this post that V-Label, the world’s leading vegan & vegetarian trademark, has prepared for you. Let’s […] Read more

V-Label shares insights into vegan winemaking with

A leading Swedish online wine magazine just published an article featuring V-Label. This was a result of cooperation between V-Label and The article covers vegan winemaking and in the interview part our Ivo Araújo (Head of licensing and evaluation, V-Label Portugal, Associação Vegetariana Portuguesa) shares insights and interesting facts about the production process. About […] Read more

Promote your vegan business with 5 pillars of business storytelling

Have you been trying different strategies, but nothing seems to work? There is a way to capture people’s attention and promote your products without using sleazy tactics. In this article, we’ll dive into storytelling as a way of communicating with conscious customers and standing out as a vegan or vegetarian brand that creates content people […] Read more

Europe goes plant-based: Insights and how-to’s for small medium brands

The European plant-based food sector has experienced explosive growth during the last two years. According to consumer reports, the market grew from 2.4 billion EUR in 2018 to 3.6 billion EUR in 2020. The pandemic furthermore accelerated this growth because customers are increasingly conscious of their health — this and more were topics of V-Label’s […] Read more

Consumers increasingly rely on vegan food labels out of convenience, a survey by V-Label confirms

Millennials and Gen Z-ers make shopping decisions that largely depend on certifications and labels, a recent survey shows. V-Label conducted this survey on more than 23,000 consumers internationally, finding that 91% prefer products provided with an independent stamp guaranteeing the product is really vegan without having to read all ingredients list or spend time comparing […] Read more

V-Label launches the International V-Label Awards

The award scheme recognises quality, innovation and positive impact in the plant-based industry. We are launching the International V-Label Awards to celebrate the many innovative ways in which businesses are contributing to a rich and diverse range of plant-based products, and to recognise companies that are making a difference within their communities as well as […] Read more

The future is tasty (and fair!): A big overview of innovation in meat alternatives

While the popularity of meat alternatives has grown, for reasons ranging from environmentalism and ethics to intolerance, trendiness or holistic health, the reality is that vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians still form a small minority globally. To move the actual masses, the transition needs to be super convenient in terms of taste, mouthfeel, texture, and price. […] Read more