The Rise Of Plant-Based Meat Products In Retail: Market Trends And Fresh Consumer Behavior Insights In Europe

In 2022, the plant-based meat industry is absolutely on the rise and won’t stop: according to the latest predictions, this industry will grow at a 9% rate for over the next three years. 

How do consumers think and go about their food choices in a world that’s been shifted by the pandemic, increased health awareness, tech innovations, and everything in between? What plays a key role and how can you adapt your go-to market strategy based on these trends? From flexitarians (who make up 42% of the global population nowadays) to open-minded meat eaters, get the latest consumer insights from all across Europe. 

Participate in our free webinar about the plant-based meat alternatives market in Europe, consumer trends, and developments on May 31st at 3:00 PM. 

For this event, we are featuring speakers from all over Europe:

  • Tereza Travnickova – Food Industry & Retail Consultant (ProVeg International)
  • Nikolett Konkoly – Marketing Project Manager (V-Label)
  • Albrecht Wolfmeyer – International Head (ProVeg Incubator)
  • Swantje Tomalak – moderator

About V-Label

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