Certified products

With food production being responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, and more people becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, recent studies show that if you want to reduce personal greenhouse gas emissions you should focus on what you eat rather than whether your food is local.1

You can, but don’t have to go 100% vegan to enjoy the booming variety of plant-based options. Vegan and vegetarian food is healthy, filling, convenient, easy to prepare and appealing. Apart from being ethical and sustainable, it’s an expression of self-identity. 

V-Label is currently carried on more than 30.000 products. Here’s a fine selection of some of the certified products to inspire your next purchase. 

Meat alternatives 

Ingredient breakthroughs, mainstream recognition and endless scaling possibilities. Three reasons why meat alternatives are not only growing exponentially, but also bringing the future of how we’ll consume food much closer. Browse and satisfy your tastebuds! 

Dairy alternatives 

A shift from soy to oat, almond and coconut milk was just the beginning of the plant-based dairy revolution. Pick as you please: yoghurts in convenient formats, from greek to drinkable. Healthy ice creams, butters and spreads for your breakfast and cheese on top!

Fish alternatives 

Plant-based fish and seafood is not just fish-free fillets at your Christmas dinner table. An exciting market to watch offers variability of protein-rich meals, from everyday to fancy.


Check whether your favourite snacks are truly vegetarian or vegan and stack your pantry with plant-based chocolate, biscuits, chips and bars! And wait, there’s more: the baked goods market is the one to watch, with vegan cakes, croissants or even sausage rolls tasting like the real deal. 

Ready made meals

Lunches on the go don’t have to be a trade off anymore. Healthy, tasty and veggie is the motto of most major retailers, stuffing frozen sections with plant-based pizzas and offering a wide range of cuisines, from ready-made dahl soups to chilli sin carne.


Watch out for hidden animals in your favourite drink! Find out which juices are free from non-vegan D3, which wines are not fined or filtered by animal proteins, thus are veggie-friendly, and make sure your soda is 100% plant-based, too.