V-Label at Biofach Trade-fair

Around the world, more than 35,000 products from more than 2,000 licensees now carry V-Label, a seal of quality granted for vegan and vegetarian goods and services. This internationally recognized label is guiding customers across the globe to identify plant-based choices at a glance

If you are a producer, here is why you may want to consider getting V-Label certified:

  • Win new markets. With half of the population considering themselves flexitarians in countries such as Germany, Spain or Poland, there is a diverse, fast-growing customer base looking for vegan and vegetarian products, for reasons ranging from health to ethics. 
  • Increase your visibility. Get your products in front of people’s eyes and make their shopping choices easier with a highly credible and widely recognized label.
  • Earn trust. No need to say more; V-Label says it for you. Its reputation and recognition as a professional, independent seal of quality, and industry trend-setter, sells.